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U p d a t e s

Welcome to the Games Section of Yoshiart.com!

This is the place to be, to know all about all the Yoshi games ever released. If you have no idea about just how many games Yoshi has starred in, you've come to the right place.
You can keep constant track of any updates made via the site's RSS Feed.

--July Update--

Ahoyhoy, me again. I've been thinking about things here, such as timing of updates, extra stuff and so on. So, Iíve decided to, at the start of every month, create a new section (like this part here) on the index and just add the dates of when I add changes to the section. I was thinking of sticking to a monthly-update kinda thing, but then realised Iíd probably keep forgetting or something.

SO, updates for July:


  • Each game page has a table selection for games now, with more info about each one before you view the page.

  • Added a page on Mario Strikers: Charged (Wii).

  • Neatened up a few pages.

  • We have a reviewing team! See here.

  • Past Updates page up!

  • Super Smash Bros. Review by Yoshi_Lover!

  • MK64 Review by shadowfang!


  • Added a review for Super Smash Bros. Melee by shadowyoshi9


  • Added a MKDS page!


  • Added a Super Paper Mario (Wii) Page! (And review by Johnshi)


  • Added a review for Super Smash Bros. Melee by cb000


  • Added a Super Smash Bros. Brawl page!

    More stuff will be added during the month when I get the chance, so keep an eye out (Or if you added the RSS feed to a reader or your browser, just check it every few days or so).


  • All your games are belong to me. (And section now under construction) (June 24th, 2007):

    Hey there, if youíre part of YAF then youíll know me as Shez (Or Shezzo), the Global Moderator (If not, then just call me Shez, whichever you prefer, hehe). Well, Iíll now be in control of / being able to update this part of the YA site, so, yay. |D Since the last update(s) were back in around 2005, some of the info may need updating, and I may start looking for members who are willing to give reviews and share their opinions on games. Plus Iíll keep and eye out for new information, such as games themselves, screenshots, movies (with our pal YouTube) and more, trying my best to keep this section pretty much up to date. However, most of the older reviews by PFY are pretty good, so most of them will be kept.

    The first update you can see (If youíve visited here before) is the new layout for the menu on the left. Now you choose a system, then a game, which is handier than having the game scattered about methinks. Plus itís easier to access games from one genre, so there. Iíve also merged the three sections for each game Ė information, codes and FAQís Ė into just one page for each game, so everything can be seen at once. (Plus I added an RSS Feed, so woop)

    I know this isnít much of an informative update, though I was using this as a Ďget-used-to-it-so-updating-is-much-easier-in-the-futureí trialout. ;) Next time Iíll see if I can find some games to update with it, but until then enjoy the (slightly) new Games Section!

    Oh, and if you have any codes, FAQ's, comments or questions you wish to send/ask me, then check out the contact page (thank you Soul!) and throw me an e-mail!


    Unfortunate News... (Octoberber 10, 2006):

    Due to certain circumstances, Yoshex will not be able to update this section. As of right now, I do not have the will nor the dedication to do this. Unfortunatly, what this means is that this section will continue to go un-updated, until a suitable replacement can be found...


    Under New Managment! (September 22, 2006):

    Wow, so its been longer than a year since this place has been updated. And that is why I'm here. This is Yoshex, the new editor of the YoshiArt Games Section. I'd first like to say is an honor to have this job, but more importantly, this place will now be updated regularly. I plan on rewriting most of the sections to keep them up-to-date, so expect a much better games section.


    Skimming the barrel, but holding all the keys... (February 28, 2005):

    Hey all! Late update so you have all my apologies. Work had got the better of me but not anymore.



    New section! Mario Party 4.

    1 Packshot and 2 screenshots in the Paper Mario 2 section.

    1 Packshot and 2 screenshots in the Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour section.

    1 Special packshot and 3 screenshots for the Mario Kart: Double Dash section.

    1 Screenshot for the Mario Party 4 section.

    2 Screenshots and 1 artwork for the Super Mario Sunshine section.


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