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YA Secret Santa 2006
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Why not join us, and talk about these pictures and stories HERE at YoshiArt's Forums?

Yoshi Sculpture Picture below donated by 'Holybloke'. More coming soon!

From To Type Size Description
Admins All Members Card 88KB Gift Card (secret artist!)
ABYAY Yesha Story 7KB Gift Story
AJ Yoshi Jocelynshi Poem 1KB Gift Poem
Bassmeister Momikio Windows Theme n/a Momikio Windows Theme
Wallpaper, Icons, Screensaver, Sounds
ChibiYoshi Zenchell Picture 87KB Gift Art
Damian Yoshi Hikaratu Picture 37KB Gift Art
Danny Bandicoot Masakuni Picture 71KB Gift Art
Dano Shadow Picture 283KB Gift Art
Espeon YoshiStar Story 19KB Gift Story
Firespikez RedTNT Picture 2x230KB Gift Art 1 | Gift Art 2
GameFreak38 Sakura Story n/a Gift Story
Hikaratu Damian Yoshi Picture 53KB Gift Art
Hiuy Guy Yoshiisland Picture 13KB Gift Art
Jocelynshi AJ Yoshi Picture 88KB Gift Art
Jolt Yopa Picture 298KB Gift Art 1
Jolt Yopa Picture 523KB Gift Art 2
Jolt Yopa SigPic 5KB Gift Art 3
Korry Johnshi Picture 34KB Gift Art
Masakuni Danny Bandicoot Picture 34KB Gift Art
Master Jc Korry SigPic 55KB Gift SiggyPic
Master Jc Yails SigPic 88KB Gift SiggyPic
Master Jc Yoshex SigPic 80KB Gift SiggyPic
Master Jc YoshiRocker SigPic 109KB Gift SiggyPic (animated)
meyoshi YoshiRay Picture 108KB Gift Art
Momikio Bassmeister MIDI Song 36KB Gift Song
Panther Caroso YoshiLover Picture 27KB Gift Art
Plebanshiren Yoshina Picture 50KB Gift Art
RedTNT Firespikez Picture 67KB Gift Art 1
RedTNT Firespikez Picture 61KB Gift Art 2
RogueYoshi SportsYoshi Picture 52KB Gift Art
RogueYoshi Tails Picture 135KB Gift Art
Seth Y_P_K Picture 269KB Gift Art
Shadow Dano Picture 496KB Gift Art
SportsYoshi RogueYoshi Picture 37KB Gift Art | Gift Story
Tails RogueYoshi SigPic 97KB Gift Siggy Pic
Yesha ABYAY Picture 1.2MB Gift Art
Yopa GameFreak38 Picture 36KB Gift Art
Yopa Hiuy Guy Picture 35KB Gift Art
Yopa Jocelynshi Picture 84KB Gift Art
Yopa Jolt Picture 35KB Gift Art
Yopa Panther Caroso Picture 49KB Gift Art
Yopa Rogue Yoshi Picture 55KB Gift Art
Yopa YoshiStar360 Picture 46KB Gift Art
Yosh7 Shezzo Picture 1.3MB Gift Comic Strip (must see!!)
Yoshex Mystic Yoshi Picture 107KB Gift Art
Yoshiisland Hiuy Guy Picture 1KB Gift Art
Yoshina Plebanshiren Picture 103KB Gift Art
YoshiRay Kiarie Picture 147KB Gift Art
YoshiRocker Master Jc Picture 77KB Gift Art
YoshiStar Espeon Picture 162 Gift Art
Y_P_K Seth Picture 110KB Gift Art
Zenchell ChibiYoshi Picture 522KB Gift Art 1
Zenchell ChibiYoshi Picture 582KB Gift Art 2

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