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YA Secret Santa 2007
Sorted by Gift Sender

Presenting YoshiArt's Second Annual Secret Santa! Talk about these pictures and stories HERE at YoshiArt's Forums. Thanks to everyone who helped make this another great year!

Yoshi Santa picture is ©Nintendo

From To Type Size Description
ChibiYoshi The Generation Picture 0KB Gift Art
Dano Pyruvate Picture 178KB Gift Art
Dragoshi Yesha Picture 55KB Gift Art
GameFreak38 Britishi Story 7KB Gift Story
Gooey Yoshi firefox Picture 75KB Gift Art
Jocelynshi RedTNT Picture 868KB Gift Art
Johnshi YoshiZacky Comic 325KB,312KB,
Gift Comic Page 1
Gift Comic Page 2
Gift Comic Page 3
Gift Comic Page 4
Masakuni Spradic Zoom Picture 157KB Gift Art
Meyoshi ChibiYoshi Picture 419KB Gift Art
Morphen Jar YoshiZero Picture 40KB Gift Art
Newt Pyro Picture 32KB Gift Art
Pawy GameFreak38 Picture 215KB Gift Art
Pikachu Masakuni Story 1KB Gift Story
Pyro Tails Picture 953KB Gift Art
Pyruvate Yoshinator Picture 142KB Gift Art
RedTNT Airborne Piggy Picture 19KB Gift Art
shadowyoshi Pawy Picture 52KB Gift Art
Skyblue Morphen Jar Picture 16KB Gift Art
The Generation Brenndan Story 38KB Gift Story
The Yoshi King Johnshi Picture 83KB Gift Art
TJ Yoshi YOSHIofIce Picture 494KB Gift Art
Yesha Wooper Picture 322KB Gift Art
Yoshikin Mint Picture 127KB Gift Art
YOSHIofIce Meyoshi Picture 125KB Gift Art
YoshiZero Naruto Picture 428KB Gift Art
Zeroshi black_n_white_yosh Picture & Signature 870KB & 76KB Gift Art
Signature Gift Art

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